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Are you one of the 5 listed?

Updated: May 20

You need life insurance if:

1. You are a breadwinner

If you are a provider for your family, you need life insurance. This is to ensure that if the most unfortunate of circumstance were to happen to you tomorrow, your spouse and children will be taken care of financially.

2. You have a home mortgage

If you have a mortgage for your house, you need life insurance. This is to ensure that your family does not have to lose their home in the event of death or total permanent disability (TPD). Nothing can be more tragic than your loved ones having to move out of their home during the time of their bereavement.

3. You have aging parents who rely on you

You may be single and never plan on getting married. Nevertheless, you may still have others who rely on you financially. Such as aging parents or a special-needs sibling.

4. You are a business owner

If you are a business owner, your family may end up with the business debts when you die. Having a life insurance ensures that your beneficiaries are not burdened by these debts. The pay-out from your life insurance plan can be used to pay off your debtors and estate taxes.

5. You have unpaid loans and debts

Have you thought about what would happen to your unpaid credit card debts, your personal loan or car loan when you die? Many don’t. And those who do usually assume that these debts would be cancelled which is not quite true!


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