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Do the insurance providers cover coronavirus?

Updated: May 20

Top question I get asked at the moment is “

When I get asked this question, I ask the potential client to think of Coronavirus like a “bad flu” (which it would be for the majority of us).

Would you expect your insurance to pay out if you had the flu? No…this is the same for coronavirus.

For some unfortunately the Covid-19 virus, like the flu virus, will cause other more serious conditions which may result in the person being diagnosed with a critical illness – this is when the critical illness cover will kick in or if they later lose their life…the life cover. There has been no change.

Income protection is where people are getting mixed messages from as some of the smaller insurance providers are excluding coronavirus from new policies or are extending the minimum deferral period to 4 weeks.

The larger companies however have not changed their cover in any way as they have always had 4 weeks as their minimum deferral period and are not excluding coronavirus from the income protection. For the majority of us who contract Covid 19 it will be nothing more than a bad flu and is unlikely to take longer than 4 weeks to recover from. Those who do take longer will be entitled to claim on their insurance if off sick for longer than their policy deferral period.

Hopefully this will help clear up any concerns around this question 😊

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