Are you a current home owner and coming to the end of your mortgage deal term?

Very few people who have a mortgage will be on a Standard Variable Rate as there are so many more competitive rates in the market offered through other products. Most will therefore have chosen a particular mortgage deal when they set up their mortgage initially or when they last had to make a decision at the end of a similar mortgage deal term. 

A Product Transfer is simply choosing to remain with the lender you are currently with and proceeding with a mortgage deal they have on offer at the time your current Mortgage deal comes to an end. 

As the mortgage market is very competitive, staying with your current lender may not always be the best decision. At RFS Mortgages we will help you make the right decision by reviewing the options available to you across the market to ensure you are making the most competitive solution for your needs. If a different lender is more competitive we will advise a re-mortgage may be a better option to be consider. 

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