What Mortgage Products are available for self-employed individuals?

If you are self-employed and unsure about whether you can access a mortgage, don’t worry, the good news is self-employed people have access to all the same deals that are available to the employed providing you can prove that you have adequate income to keep up with the repayments.

It’s important to remember that all lenders have different criteria when dealing with the self-employed or any other borrower for that matter. Some will request 3 years accounts some will be happy with 2 years and you may even be accepted with 1 years accounts depending on your circumstances.

As Lending criteria changes all the time with the different lenders we would recommend that the best thing to do is to contact a mortgage broker.  A mortgage broker will be able to assess your situation and will know each lender’s individual criteria, they will therefore be able to advise on who is most likely to accept your application.

To arrange to speak to a Mortgage Adviser at RFS please contact us using your preferred method of contact below