Trusts play an important role in protection planning. Issuing a protection policy subject to a trust can help by:


  • Ensuring payments are made without any probate delay, so long as there’s at least one surviving trustee

  • Helping to mitigate the effects of inheritance tax, as the proceeds gifted to a trust fall outside the policyholder’s taxable estate on death

  • Ensuring the proceeds will be paid to whoever the policyholder nominates or would have chosen

We advise all our clients to put their policies into a flexible discretionary trust and will arrange this for them as part of the overall service.

For more information on arranging a Will or to arrange to speak to an adviser about setting up your Insurance policy into Trust please use your preferred method of contact below 

Please note these products are not regulated by the FCA and we are not authorised via PRIMIS Mortgage Network to advise on them.